Enriching and Extending a student’s learning experience beyond the classroom. How can I help?

Reading – we encourage students to be confident and enthusiastic readers as this will support them in all of their subjects. We would recommend students reading for a minimum of 20 minutes a day. Children who find reading difficult should spend time reading a book with an adult/older child.

Exercise - it is government aspiration that all children take part in 5 hours of quality physical activity each week. Two of these hours take place in school as part of the curriculum. We would hope that every student engages in at least 1 hour of additional exercise, whether as part of the school’s extra-curricular offer or elsewhere.

Instrument practice – this should be daily for all students with access to musical instruments.

Listening to music – students can broaden their knowledge of music by listening to a range of music genres.

Participation – making a positive contribution is key. Students should seek to engage in opportunities outside of the formal curriculum in music, sport and drama, or a skill or hobby which they enjoy and do not have the opportunity to undertake at school.

Technology – all students can access the Old Buckenham High School ‘Microsoft - OneDrive’ area that has subject specific learning materials, tasks and extension activities.

Cultural awareness – this can be fostered by visiting places of historical, scientific or cultural interest, reading newspapers or watching the news

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