The Importance of Homework:

In line with our OBHS Habits of mind, our aim at OBHS is to develop resilient, ambitious, life-long learners.

Homework is important to learning because it:

  • offers you the opportunities to research or prepare for new learning;
  • offers opportunities to practise skills learnt in class;
  • enables you to recap, revise and consolidate learning;
  • let’s your teacher spend all of the lesson teaching;
  • promotes an independent approach to learning which is key to you achieving well;
  • develops your effective time management and good organisational skills;
  • offers you additional opportunities to succeed and be praised;
  • reinforces the value of studying and lifelong learning.
  • To support students in organising their learning you have been issued with an Old Buckenham High School Planner.

In addition to all homework being set on Go4Schools, you are expected to make a note of your homework and the deadline in your planner.

Please show your parents/carers your planner regularly so that they can keep up to date with the homework you have been set and communicate easily with the school.

Be the best we can be