The Geography curriculum is based on developing ideas from local scale to global in order to understand our place in the world and how we interact with it. Our curriculum is fit for the 21st century by developing their critical thinking around current affairs, geopolitics and the interaction between the human and physical geography of our planet. This will be looked at through a number of human and physical geography topics for example, coastal landscapes, natural hazards, the urban landscape and population and migration.

Our curriculum aims to prepare students with the skills for their next steps by utilising the methods developed by English in their extended writing, looking at metacognition when breaking down questions. We have created a diverse and rich programme of study covering a variety of topics which is sustainable because it helps develop learners for their future not only academically but to make them well rounded citizens who are geographically aware.

Geography looks at current affairs from local to global considering morality, ethics and having a safe space to discuss these.

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Curriculum Intent Implementation and Impact Year 7

Curriculum Intent Implementation and Impact Year 8

Curriculum Intent Implementation and Impact Year 9

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