This GCSE will build upon and develop the work done in the Handling Data section of the Mathematics GCSE. Real life scenarios will capture interest and give an insight into the importance of statistics in the real world.

This qualification will allow students to develop skills they will use in other subjects such as science and geography.

The curriculum for GCSE Statistics has been redesigned to enable students to acquire transferable skills to support them in progressing beyond GCSE in a range of subjects.

The course will follow the 3 aspects below.

  1. The Collection of Data
  2. Processing, representing and analysing data
  3. Probability

The GCSE is also available at Higher and Foundation level although the course will be delivered initially at Higher level. The course is designed so a change to Foundation in Year 11 is straightforward if necessary.

Although being a strong mathematician is an advantage, it is not a necessity as the papers will contain short, medium and extended response questions.

The course is assessed with Two 1 hour 30 minute written examinations in Year 11.

A scientific calculator is a must.

Edexcel GCSE Statistics (2017) | Pearson qualifications


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