At KS3 our students’ progress in Mathematics is assessed every two or three weeks and is based on the White Rose Scheme of work. Each two/ three week mini assessment is recorded and a running average is given for each student throughout the year. At KS4, students’ progress is assessed through AQA GCSE marking criteria. The Scheme of Learning is based on again the White Rose Scheme of work. This enables continuity in terms of learning and curriculum content from our feeder schools. At the end of year 10 students take three past papers to give an accurate view of students’ grade at that point in time. This is repeated in November and again in February as part of the mock process. The three written papers are each one and half hours long and have equal weighting. Paper 1 is non-calculator and Papers 2 and 3 are where calculators are allowed. There is no coursework component at KS4.

There are many OBHS habits that are valued in every lesson with determination and resilience being key factors for students to succeed in this subject.

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Curriculum Intent Implementation and Impact Year 9

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