Personal Development

Personal Development KS3

Personal Development consists of a range of lessons delivered via Religious Education, Personal Social Health Education, Citizenship and Careers. All lessons encourage students to manage their own decisions and make well-informed choices throughout their lives. The spiral curriculum means students will continually revisit topics, themes and skills throughout their time at OBHS allowing students to develop and flourish.

Religious Education: The curriculum has been designed to provide students with a balanced understanding of the world, to be well informed when engaging with conversations around religions worldviews with literacy being at the heart.

We encourage free thinkers, challenge ideas and enable students to make informed judgements. In line with the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus 2019 there are three strands lessons focus on: thinking through believing, thinking and living.

Personal, Social, Health Education: Supports students in leading healthy and safe lives and prepares them for life in modern Britain. They learn how to manage their own lives now and in the future. The curriculum empowers students to make informed choices focussing on the three main themes: health and wellbeing, relationships and living in the wider world.

Signposting students to support within and outside of school is a key focus and we have strong links with the Safeguarding Team.

Citizenship: The curriculum develops student awareness of democracy, government and how laws are made and held. We encourage students to become active citizens taking on full and active roles in society. In addition students learn about the importance of managing money and making sounds financial decisions.

Careers: Lifelong career development and career management are the key themes. How to create opportunities and learn from setbacks. We use the CDI Framework 2021 as the guide for our curriculum.

For further information around our full Careers Programme please visit the Careers Information Page that can be found here.

Key skills that are taught and assessed from Years 7 – 11

• Explaining
• Predicting
• Assessing
• Analysing
• Comparing
• Justifying
• Discussing
• Debating

Lessons are delivered via both timetabled lessons (100 minutes) and Independent Learning Sessions (30 minutes) to allow for a variety of learning opportunities.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural is at the heart of the curriculum and is embedded throughout. For further information around our whole school SMSC please click here.

Our four British Values: democracy, rule of law, respect and tolerance, individual liberty are also central themes throughout the whole curriculum.

To view in more depth our school policies linked to Personal Development, please click the links below:

Relationships and Sex Education Policy
Provider Access Statement
CEIAG Policy

Throughout years 7-11 Personal Development is assessed through formative assessments. The curriculum is responsive to gaps identified through student self-assessment, student voice, teacher feedback, work scrutinies. Each half term data is collected, shared and analysed around students’ work produced and attitude to learning.

KS3 Personal Development Overview

Curriculum Intent KS3 Year 7 RE

Curriculum Intent KS3 Year 8 RE

Curriculum Intent KS3 Year 9 RE

Personal Development KS4

Years 10 & 11 build on content, concepts and skills developed during years 7, 8 & 9. Lessons are delivered via Form Tutors during two 30-minute Independent Learning Sessions per week.

Personal Development lessons in years 10 and 11 have been designed to encourage students to discuss and debate a wide range of topical issues that directly affect their day to day lives. Topics are challenging and relevant and include themes from Religious Education (e.g. Medical Ethics), Citizenship (e.g. Different Political Systems), Personal Social Health Education (e.g. Relationships and Sex Education) and Careers (e.g. Post 16 Pathways).

Students develop the knowledge, skills, values and competencies to keep themselves safe and healthy, and prepared for a fulfilling life. Students explore how they develop both personally and socially, whilst tackling many of the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) issues that are part of growing up. Key skills and attributes are developed such as resilience, self-esteem, risk management, collaboration and critical thinking.

A large focus for year 10 is preparing for their self-generated work experience placement, creating a CV, practicing interview techniques and identifying their transferable skills. Similarly, in year 11 students consider their post 16 options, prepare for the application process and the different pathways available to them once they leave OBHS. We recognise the importance of thoroughly researching all options available to allow students to make informed choices.

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KS4 Personal Development Overview

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Curriculum Intent KS4 PD Citizenship

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