Food & Nutrition

At OBHS we believe that it is important that students are given the opportunity to learn about healthy eating and learn to cook a range of recipes. We know that developing healthy eating habits and an interest in food from an early age can help promote lifelong positive attitudes and enjoyment of good food and cooking.

Students in Key Stage 3 follow a curriculum centred around a carousel model, which means students will study 3 areas of Design Technology, 1 per term. These include:

  • Design Technology
  • Textiles
  • Food, preparation and nutrition

Students in Key Stage 3 follow a curriculum which includes planning, cooking, food science and the theory around where food comes from as well as eating a balanced diet and types of nutritional food groups . Students can expand their knowledge from KS2 and learn new skills within this exciting but challenging subject. These skills will form the foundation of their basic knowledge to help aid their KS4 journey in food.

Students are assessed at KS3 in up to 4 areas, for each of the projects they will study.

  • Knowledge
  • Design
  • Make
  • Evaluate

Students in year 9 will be taught Design Technology and Food, preparation and nutrition for half the year each. Year 9 allows students to progress and expand on their learning to better equip them for the rigorous demands of the KS4 curriculum.

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Core curriculum implementation year 7

Core curriculum implementation year 8

Core curriculum implementation year 9


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