Food & Nutrition

At OBHS we believe that it is important that students are given the opportunity to learn about healthy eating and learn to cook a range of recipes. We know that developing healthy eating habits and an interest in food from an early age can help promote lifelong positive attitudes and enjoyment of good food and cooking.

Students in Key Stage 3 follow a curriculum based around the key areas in the GCSE syllabus which includes planning, cooking, food science and the theory around where food comes from as well as eating a balanced diet and types of nutritional food groups.  They are assessed using criteria cascaded from GCSE which build students’ confidence and prepares them for taking GCSE Food and Nutrition.

Food and Nutrition involves health and safety in the kitchen, cooking skills, the science behind why and how cooking happens with the aim of developing creativity and resilience.

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Curriculum Intent Implementation and Impact Year 8

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