Learning Opportunities Extend Beyond the Classroom:

At Old Buckenham High School our approaches to teaching and learning, both inside and outside the classroom are supported by research in Learning Theory.

We recognise that often the first stage in learning is for students to learn (be able to recall and remember) information in order that they can transfer, manipulate and apply this knowledge.

Homework, just like learning activities within lessons, is planned to do have one of the following outcomes:

  • to increase skillthe learning of subject content (key information and relevant terminology), the transfer or application of this knowledge, and/or the development of subject specific skills;
  • to increase willthe development of learning habits in students which lead to them being developing students powerful, resourceful and resilient learners;
  • or to increase thrill the development of an excitement for learning and a motivation to learn which will, in turn, support learning consolidation.

The homework tasks which are set for students will also reflect their needs as learners. While sometimes, and in some subjects, it might be appropriate for homework to be used for students to learn new terminology or key dates (an increase in their skill), and might take on the form of a knowledge map, at other times and in other subjects, the homework task might be used to target one of the other outcomes stated above.

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