At Old Buckenham High School we aim to equip our students with skills and resources to help them in life beyond school. By giving students the opportunity to learn the arts we are encouraging
self-expression and creativity and hope to build confidence and a sense of individual identity.

Students from Years 7, 8 and 9 study three projects per year that scaffold and build upon prior knowledge to help develop important art skills and techniques. The students look at a range of disciplines from drawing techniques with various media, painting, printing, ceramics and sculpture as well as cultural influences with Aboriginal art. Each project also introduces students to various artists as they take inspiration from the work of others to develop and broaden their cultural understanding to create inspired personal responses.

Assessment is a termly process and based on the final piece of each project which students create from a brief that require them to incorporate skills and techniques learnt throughout that specific project.

Art at Key Stage 3 is designed to support all students to be enthusiastic and confident young artists. Those who opt to study Edexcel GCSE Art will continue to increase more complex skills with a wider range of art disciplines, techniques and begin to think critically about the work of artists’ and how it will influence their own ideas while exploring a set theme.

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Curriculum Intent Implementation and Impact Year 7

Curriculum Intent Implementation and Impact Year 8

Curriculum Intent Implementation and Impact Year 9

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