Design & Technology
Product Design

Everything we use has been designed; students at OBHS are encouraged to appreciate good design, be creative, solve problems and develop an understanding of how products evolve and develop. We challenge our students and use CAD/CAM technology to develop 21st Century skills as well as hone traditional designing and making. We equip our students to have an appreciation of environmental issues and how good design fits into today’s world.

Students in Key Stage 3 follow a curriculum based around the key materials areas in the GCSE syllabus and complete different problem-solving design and make projects in each material.

They are assessed using criteria cascaded from GCSE which build students’ confidence. Students are taught theory; materials and processes, drawing skills and design in the wider world to support their own creative work in class.

Product Design involves communication and drawing skills, technical skills using workshop equipment and CAD/CAM with an overarching encouragement of creativity and resilience.

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