Literacy and Numeracy Catch-Up Funding

Strategy Summary – January 2018

2016-17 Strategies and Impact


  • Students receive individual one-to-one Catch-Up Literacy intervention (lead by the SEND Team);
  • Students are also partnered with a reading mentor (Year 10 student) and meet weekly for Paired Reading;
  • Students are tested on entry (NGRT Reading and Vernon Spelling tests), mid-way through the year and again at the end of the academic year to test progress and literacy needs as the academic year progresses.


  • 7/12 students on reading intervention made progress between September 2016 and February 2017.
  • 4/5 students on spelling intervention made progress between September 2016 and February 2017.
  • 11 students from the Year 7 cohort (2016-17) continue to receive literacy intervention in Year 8 (2017-18).

» 5 of these students also undertake 6 hour long Hackney Lit programme lessons/ fortnight;

» 2 of these students on testing (01/2018) were released from all literacy intervention programmes.


2017-18 Strategies and Progress Made To Date

  • 11 students have been placed into 07T English. This class is timetabled to have an additional member of staff (qualified English teacher) for 4 of their lessons. This member of staff is used to support students within class or to withdraw identified students for more focussed intervention work (in line with the current SoL and targeted skills).
  • 7 students whose literacy needs have been identified to be the most severe have been receiving intervention using either Fresh Start, SpellZone (or both programmes).
  • Reading Mentors: 11 students have a weekly Paired Reading session with a literacy mentor (Year 10 student).
  • Numeracy Mentors: 17 students have a weekly Paired Numeracy session with a numeracy mentor (Year 10 student).
  • Identified list of students shared with all colleagues to raise awareness of their needs. there has been a focus on Quality First teaching and knowledge of individual student needs in classes through PD and QA in the Autumn Term.
  • LSA support has been allocated to Year 7 Library lessons. Students identified from each class with Literacy Catch-Up needs are withdrawn for focussed intervention work on baseline skills during this time.
  • Whole staff training on Quality First teaching to focus on readability of texts (reading age and smogging), and a dyslexia-friendly school approach.


Whole School Literacy and Numeracy 2017-18

  • The addition of a form time literacy session once a week provides students with the opportunity to read and discuss articles which are pitched appropriately (in terms of content and reading difficulty). These sessions work on the principle that improving a students’ oracy has an impact on their written competence.
  • The addition of a weekly form time numeracy session makes use of ‘Numeracy Ninja’ style resources to get students doing basic mental arithmetic outside the Maths classroom and in a fun and competitive way. This has been well-received by Year 7 students.
  • The Hackney Lit Project has been introduced with a small cohort of Year 8 students for whom the Literacy Catch-Up work from Year 7 did not close the gap. They are withdrawn from MFL lessons to have an additional 6 hours of literacy intervention. This programme will continue for them in Year 9 in order to best prepare them for their GCSEs (ensuring that they are able to access the subjects they want to take).
  • From January 2018 onwards, 20 Year 9 students will also receive additional literacy intervention in place of their MFL lessons using the Hackney Lit Project resources.


Proposed Strategies from September 2018 Onwards

  • Year 7 streamed set in English to facilitate the delivery of Hackney Lit Project by English specialists (and in regularly timetabled slots). this moves away from the current modeming with a Sapphire group and then mixed ability and, instead, targets the needs of one of our vulnerable groups.
  • Year 7 Catch-Up forms for literacy and numeracy – intervention can be delivered in form time literacy and numeracy sessions. Subject specialists assigned to Year 7 forms (as in Year 11).
  • Reading and Numeracy Mentors to prioritise all of the students on the Catch-Up lists as soon as data is available (18-19).
  • Hackney Lit Project intervention work to continue with Year 8 and 9 identified groups.
  • One GCSE option for identified students to be allocated for additional literacy and numeracy intervention and support. This will continue catch-up work from KS3 and be used only with students where they are still not able to meet expected standards.
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