Educational Visits

We believe in the value of broadening the education of our students by including a variety of field trips within the curriculum as well as giving the opportunity to join in with extra-curricular activities. Please check out the ‘News and Events‘ page to see how they went.

Recent and Upcoming Trips

• February – Ski trip to Europe

• March – Careers trip to Norfolk Showground

• June – Jazz Band trip to Norfolk Show

• July – MFL trip to Paris

• July – Year 7s to Pleasurewood Hills

• July – Year 8s to Thorpe Park and Thetford Forest

• July – Year 9s to Alton Towers and college visits

• September – GCSE Geography Southwold trip

• October – London theatre trip

GCSE Geography Southwold Trip

Written by Seb Cawley in 11CR

In geography we have been studying tourism and its effects for our coursework. We went on a trip to Southwold to complete surveys and questionnaires. We did this by asking members of the public and local business and shop owners questions such as; Are you visiting Southwold or do you live here?, How many customers do you get each day? and is your business season based?

Our surveys gave us some interesting results, for example 90% of the people I asked were tourists!

After we had finished our surveys we had time to get some chips and visit the pier before heading back to school. This coursework will make up 25% of our final GCSE grade. We all enjoyed the trip as it was a really fun day and a good experience.