Staff Directory 2019/20

Miss F Ahern
• Instructor

Mr S Alderson
• Head of Year 7 & Transition • Teacher of Science

Mrs S Allen
• Curriculum Leader Geography • Form Tutor for 11T

Mr W Armstrong
• Teacher of Science • Form Tutor for 10T

Miss E Balmer
• Teacher of Drama • Form Tutor for 9F

Mrs G Barrett
• Curriculum Leader MFL • Form Tutor for 8CR

Mrs H Beales
• Receptionist

Mrs M Beckley
• Catering Assistant

Mrs H Brockington
• Teacher of History • Joint Form Tutor for 11B

Mr M Cahill
• Learning Support Assistant

Mrs J Clark
• Senior Curriculum Leader Science • Form Tutor for 11CR

Mrs L Clark
Teacher of MFL

Mr L Clarke
• Site Manager

Miss H Coaker
Lead Teacher Technology • Form Tutor for 9CR

Miss J Cook
• Curriculum Leader PE • Form Tutor for 7CO

Mrs J Cowan
• Food Technician • Instructor

Mr S Cowan
• Progress Leader Key Stage 3 • Teacher of Maths

Miss P Dawson
• Curriculum Leader History • Joint Form Tutor for 7T

Mrs S Day
Catering Assistant

Mrs D Daynes
• Teacher of Maths • Joint Form Tutor for 9B

Mr A Dwight
• Assistant Headteacher • Designated Lead Safeguarding & Prevent

Miss D Eden
• Teacher of English • Form Tutor for 8T

Mrs V Edmonds
• Attendance Manager

Ms J Evans
• SENDCO • Teacher of English

Mrs K Fearn
• Teacher of PE

Mr A Fell
• Headteacher

Mrs L Fisher
• SCITT • English Trainee

Mr D Foreman
• Senior Curriculum Leader Maths • Form Tutor for 11CO

Mrs P Fraser
• Headteacher's PA

Mrs L Gatward
• Data Manager

Mr S Glaysher
• Teacher of PE • Teacher of Maths

Mrs A Godfrey
Catering Manager

Mrs D Green
• SEN Administrator

Miss C Greenacre
• Senior Curriculum Leader English • Form Tutor for 11F

Mr N Gull
• Teacher of English

Mr S Hamulic
• Caretaker

Mr S Helsdon
• Teacher of Science • Form Tutor for10F

Miss H Hickey
• Teacher of Art • Teacher of Computing • Joint Form Tutor for 7B

Mrs C Hilton
• Curriculum Leader Computing

Mrs R Hood
• Finance Officer

Mr P Jay
• Curriculum Leader Creative Arts • Joint Form Tutor for 8B 

Mrs C Jermy
• Cleaner

Mrs L Kershaw
• Learning Support Assistant

Mrs H Le Brun
• Teacher of MFL • Form Tutor for 7CR 

Mrs S Morgan
• Deputy Headteacher

Mrs S Murray
• Science Technician

Miss C Parsons
• Cleaner

Miss R Pickering
• Learning Support Assistant

Mrs T Picksley
• Pastoral Manager Key Stage 3 • Alternate Lead Safeguarding & Prevent

Mrs G Prince
• Behaviour Manager

Mrs J Radford
• Catering Assistant

Mr A Rafter
• Teacher of Maths • Joint Form Tutor for 10B 

Mr B Scott
• Instructor

Mrs J Skipsey
• Exams & Marketing Officer

Mrs P Smith
• Catering Assistant

Miss L Smith
• Teacher of Science

Miss S Sung
• Learning Support Assistant

Mrs N Tarrant
• Teacher of Technology

Mr E Taylor
• Progress Leader Key Stage 4 • Teacher of PE

Mrs R Taylor
• IAG Lead • Lead Teacher KS4 • Teacher of Personal Development • Form Tutor for 10CR

Mr I Topliff
• Technology Technician

Mrs C Wabe
• Pastoral Manager Key Stage 4

Mrs K Ward
• Teacher of History • Joint Form Tutor for 11B

Mrs A Warnes
• Reprographics • Medical Officer

Miss L Washington
• Teacher of Geography • Form Tutor for 8CO

Mrs B Watts
• Learning Support Assistant

Miss M Wright
• Lead Teacher of Personal Development Key Stage3 • Teacher of Art • Form Tutor for 9T

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