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Year 10 GCSE PE - Revision Cards

benj1  benj2 benj3

Year 10 GCSE PE - The Human Skeleton Revision Cards

rileyg1  rileyg2  rileyg3

Year 10 Philosophy & Ethics - 'What does it mean to be a Muslim?'


Year 7 PE - Create a Newspaper Report and Design your own Fitness Game

newspaper report     fitness game

Year 7 PE - Muscles and Bones of the Body

skeleton  muscles  bones

Year 10 History - revision resource based around board games

piperl    ellar

trivial 1 trivial 2  

trivial 3  trivial 4

Year 9 Design Technology - using Computer Aided Design to draw in 3D

cad video curtis b  Click on image to view video

Year 7 & 8 Drama 

milly costume 1  milly costume 2

bwilson 1 bwilson 2 bwilson 3 bwilson 4

Year 9 English

mb english 1 mb english 2 mb english 3

                       mb english 4               mb english 5

Year 7 History - Medieval Law and Order

med law 1  med law 2  ear  

Year 7 PE - Design your own sports kit for an event/activity

iceskating  dancing

basketball1  basketball2

Year 10 Art - Sculpture and Pointillism

bird 1  bird2 

         bird 3          bird4

 Year 7 Art - Aboriginal Symbols

aboriginal symbols1 aboriginal symbols2 aboriginal symbols3

Year 7 Art

alice p

Year 7 Maths - Lockdown Learning Summary

  ava 2 maths ava 1 maths

Year 7 History - Medieval Inventions

top trumps 1 dragons den pitch Medieval Inventions

Year 9 Art - inspired by Pablo Picasso

connor b

PE Challenges Leaderboards for Year 7, 8 and 9 

 Year 7   Year 8   Year 9

Year 7 & 8 Drama - Creating their own West End show

Adventures of a DeLorean (based on Back to the Future) by Bethany W, Year 8

delorian1 delorian 2

Year 9 PE - Football Lesson Plans

football lesson1 football lesson2 football lesson3 football lesson4 football lesson56

Year 7 History - Medieval Theme Park Designs

 mollyk1  mollyk2  mollyk3

 oliver s1  oliver s2  oliver s3  oliver s4

Year 7 Science - The Solar System

the solar system  solar system freddy s solar video clip2

Latest Art from Years 7 to 10

sophieh2   murphy2  pye 3  pye2

jamesn2  feet  amelie ciaranb

Year 9 PE Introductory Projects

netball book  sports skills 1 logo

Year 7 Art Work Insect project 

butterflies  dragonflies  bees

Ashton D has produced some amazing practical work at home

birdbox  flapjacks 

Year 8 Drama contributions for creating a Soap Opera

Opening title video by Bethany W     bethany video

drama jb   drama jb7  drama jb6  


Year 9 Geography students have created some amazing work on Africa this week

africa 6 africa 7 africa4 africa 8 

Year 8 Art students have been busy working from home

archie2  gabriel  max

sea 1sea2

 Year 9 History have been writing speeches

history 1 history 4 history 5

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