At OBHS our students study the National Curriculum organised by the Government which continues from Key Stage 2 studies at primary school and develops their skills in practical Science and their understanding of the three specialisms of Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Students will all begin the two year Key Stage 3 course in Year 7 by completing an “introductory module”. This will introduce the key skills needed throughout their Science studies. The introductory module includes how to complete practical activities safely and how to use the key scientific equipment during their lessons. It will also develop skills in writing scientific reports for future experiments (literacy) and develop their graph drawing skills and ability to use them analytically to draw conclusions (numeracy). Practical Science can be done at home – click on the following website for some ideas:

The remaining modules will be taught throughout Year 7 finishing in year 8. Each unit will be taught on a rotation system by the Science team throughout the two years.


KS3 Science Curriculum Overview

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New GCSE Science Specifications for 2016 – 2018

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For current Year 11 students hoping to complete their GCSE in the years 2016/2017, the majority of students will study the Additional Science route achieving two GCSEs if students achieve A* to C grades in both GCSEs.

Those students who select Triple Science as an option subject will also study a third unit for each of the three Sciences, gaining an extra GCSE. For each GCSE three separate exams are taken in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and each of these will contribute 25% of the mark. The remaining 25% of the mark comes from Controlled Assessments.

The content is taught separately as Biology, Chemistry and Physics by specialist teachers within our highly skilled department, however many cross curricula opportunities throughout the teaching course will occur between the three Sciences, English literacy and mathematical skills. This encourages students to consolidate, apply and embed scientific ideas throughout our course structure. The teaching of each Science follows a thematic approach linking the key ideas of each discipline together and applying them to a real world context. Students undertake scientific experiments and problem solving tasks to improve their knowledge of the living, material and physical worlds and to develop skills in evaluating data. Students also develop skills in extended writing and a range of numeracy and data analysis skills.


KS4 Additional Science Curriculum Overview

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KS4 Triple Science Curriculum Overview

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Year 11 subject revision checklist – Science Trilogy

Year 11 subject revision checklist – Biology

Year 11 subject revision checklist – Chemistry

Year 11 subject revision checklist – Physics



All Science homework is based on assessing learning in lessons and as preparation for answering structured questions in exams. Some homework may be used to consolidate learning in the lesson for students.

Years 7 and 8 – 20 minutes of homework every two weeks.

Year 9 – Until Christmas students will receive one 20 minute task per teacher every two weeks (split groups will receive two 10 minute homework’s). Post-Christmas students will receive one 30 minute homework from each teacher.

Years 10 and 11 – One subject based homework from each teacher every two weeks.

Science homework will be based around consolidating and extending the learning, therefore a variety of homework is set. KS3 will be predominantly structured questions for Years 7 and 8 with some appropriate research homework and possible revision tasks when approaching end of unit tests. Year 9 will have a range of research and/or revision tasks for end of unit tests and then KS4 question sheets or research tasks to build understanding of the GCSE exams and content. KS4 will be predominantly exam questions for each subject with other homework given to reinforce learning if necessary to prepare the students for their external exams at the end of Year 10 and Year 11.

Homework is marked in line with the school policy on homework and assessment by the member of staff who set it.

Lack of homework is followed up by the member of staff in line with the homework policy for the school.


Science Staff

Head of Department – Mrs T Glaister

Science teacher – Miss L Smith

Science teacher – Mr S Alderson

Science teacher – Mr W Armstrong

Science teacher – Mr N Stephen

Senior Science Technician – Mrs S Murray


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