Mathematics is a highly successful subject whose philosophy is to engage, encourage and help the pupils to achieve their best. Our pupils consistently achieve well in this subject at GCSE and we aim to ensure this continues year on year. Large numbers of pupils already achieve the highest grades.

We are a group of 6 specialist teachers with a good mix of experience. We share 5 classrooms with most having an interactive whiteboard. We use up to date textbooks that take account of the new grading system of 1-9. We offer revision guides and workbooks at key stage 4. Statistics GCSE is also on offer as an option.

We regularly assess the pupils’ progress to ensure they are in the correct teaching group. Intervention may also be required to ensure good progress is made. The Head of Department, as well as classroom teachers, is available most lunchtimes if extra support is requested. The pupils receive a self-assessment for each unit of work. This has the added benefit of allowing parents/carers to understand what Mathematics is being taught. After-school revision lessons for our Year 11 are always offered and have a high take-up. We also support our GCSE years by using grade booklets that target important areas of learning. Finally, Year 11 are given a ‘handbook’ for their tier of GCSE entry that gives them advice on revision, the most commonly asked questions, the entire topic list and information on what formula and mathematical rules must be learnt.

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