Our aim in the History Department is to prepare pupils for the future by engaging with the past. Through the study of their community, Britain, Europe and the wider world, pupils develop an understanding of the past which enables them to make sense of the present and become understanding and informed citizens of the future. We equip pupils with crucial skills for life which enhance their employability.

Through History, pupils develop the ability to ask and answer important questions, evaluate evidence, analyse different interpretations of the past, learn to substantiate any arguments and judgements they make and debate the significance of what they are learning. We aim to help them become independent, confident and questioning individuals.

The History Department has a team of four experienced and dedicated teachers. We offer a broad and stimulating curriculum, incorporating a wide variety of dynamic, creative and engaging activities, through which we aim to inspire pupils in learning about the past whilst developing essential skills for the present and the future.


Curriculum Overview

Year 11 subject revision checklist

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The History department sets homework in accordance with the school’s homework policy: a minimum of two pieces of homework per half term at Key Stage 3 and a minimum of one piece of homework per fortnight at Key Stage 4.

There is a variety of homework set at both key stages. Some homework will prepare students for future lessons, such as research. Others will enable students to practise, consolidate and extend what they have learned in school. Some homework set is in the form of extended projects, such as the Year 7 castles competition. These enable students to delve deeper into a topic, undertake creative activities that cannot be accommodated in school and encourage important time management skills. Some homework offers students a choice of how to demonstrate their learning. These provide opportunities for different types of learners to excel. Some consolidatory/revision-style homework will be set at Key Stage 3. These are designed to prepare students for the rigours of Key Stage 4 studies. Students of GCSE History will also be given revision activities at designated times of the course to prepare for end of unit tests and mock exams. Throughout the course they will also apply their knowledge and understanding in exam questions and past papers. These are designed to ensure students are completely prepared for the external exams in Year 11.

Homework is marked in line with the school’s homework and assessment policies.

Please refer to the school’s homework policy for how missing homework is followed up.


Read about History

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