Food and Cookery Level 2

The NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Food and Cookery are complementary Technical Awards and the vocational equivalent of GCSE qualifications.

The qualification focuses on an applied study of the food and cookery sector and students gain a broad understanding and knowledge of working in the food industry sector.

Students are likely to enjoy this course if they enjoy cooking and have an interest in working in catering, hospitality, food science and nutrition.

Level 2 is equivalent to A*-C.

There are four units, one of these is an exam which is 2 hours long (Level 2).

The three remaining units are made up of a portfolio of evidence built up over the course which is internally assessed and externally moderated.


Unit 1 Preparing to cook

Safe and hygienic preparation of cooking ingredients & cooking environment, as well as safe storage of ingredients.
How to follow a recipe to demonstrate cooking skills and to produce a variety of dishes successfully.


Unit 2 Understanding Food

To understand sources of food and where they come from.
Factors which affect our food choice and how to select dishes to prepare & cook successfully.


Unit 3 Exploring balanced diets

Balanced diets and individual requirements. RI’s and GDA’s.
Food labelling and how to adapt recipes for health.


Unit 4 Plan & produce dishes in response to a brief

This unit brings together all the learning completed and students design a menu in response to a brief in which they plan, make and review suitable dishes.

The course is assessed through:

  • internal assessment which will include a portfolio of evidence involving written and practical work. This will be graded by centre staff and externally moderated by NCFE.
  • external assessment – external assessment paper of a timed two hour period. This will be graded by NCFE.

Candidates must be successful in both types of assessment to achieve the qualification.


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