English is a major part of the life and successes of every student at Old Buckenham High School. The varied course we offer students aims to sustain and stimulate each student’s curiosity, interest, enjoyment and enthusiasm for English. Students develop confident communication skills and a wide, informed appreciation of literature, past and present through the study of a range of texts and media.
The Department’s objectives relate to the Key Stage 3 and 4 Programmes of Study and to the National Literacy Strategy. They are framed by the attainment targets of Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing.

The students are taught and encouraged to communicate accurately, sensitively, effectively and appropriately in a variety of speaking and listening situations.
The reading skills of students are developed and furthered to identify, explain, analyse and evaluate implied meaning.
Students are taught to write for a range of different audiences and purposes with good spelling, punctuation, grammar and handwriting. They are taught to write clearly, confidently and fluently in an appropriate style and in a variety of contexts.

The majority of students are entered for two subjects at GCSE: English Language and English Literature.


Curriculum Overview

Year 11 subject revision checklist – English Literature

Year 11 subject revision checklist – English Language

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The English department sets homework in accordance with the school’s homework policy.

There is a variety of homework set at both key stages. Some homework will prepare students for future lessons, such as research. Others will enable students to practise, consolidate and extend what they have learned in school. Some consolidatory/revision-style homework will be set at Key Stage 3. These are designed to prepare students for the rigours of Key Stage 4 studies. A range of tasks can be set which will cover all of the skills needed in reading and writing. Examples of tasks would be: to research an author being studied; to write the diary entry of a character from a text; to write a paragraph explaining a quote and the key language features contained therein. Students of GCSE English Language and Literature will also be given revision activities at designated times of the course to prepare for end of unit tests and mock exams. Throughout the course they will also apply their knowledge and understanding in exam questions and past papers. These are designed to ensure students are completely prepared for the end of year exams.

Homework is marked in line with the school’s homework and assessment policies.

Please refer to the school’s homework policy for how missing homework is followed up.


Read about English

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