Creative Studies - Craft Level 2

The NCFE qualification in Craft is a Technical Award and the vocational equivalent of GCSE qualifications, it is designed for learners with an interest in art, textiles and garment making.

Students are likely to enjoy this course if they are interested in working with textile materials, and have an interest in design and making.

This qualification aims to develop a broad and comprehensive understanding of textiles and associated crafts e.g. designing, pattern cutting, knitting, crocheting, screen printing, fabric-dying.


What you will be learning?

  • how to research ideas using various sources
  • how to explore a range of media and materials
  • the effectiveness of building a portfolio of ideas
  • how to respond to a brief or theme
  • the effectiveness of experimentation


What skills will you be developing?

  • using different tools and equipment
  • adapting your own ideas and responding to feedback
  • applying safe working practices
  • evaluating your own work
  • literacy, numeracy and ICT
  • skills essential for the modern workplace, such as team working, presentation skills, independent working, working to deadlines and efficient use of resources


Unit 1 Exploring craft and enterprise skills

  • Build on knowledge of materials and resources and develop techniques to use them appropriately, while observing health and safety procedures.
  • Also develop enterprising skills related to careers progression.


Unit 2 Research and develop design ideas for craft items

  • Develop range of design ideas to explore creative outcomes, while reflecting and making appropriate modifications to design ideas.


Unit 3 Respond to a craft brief

  • Use information from a range of sources to respond to a given design brief.


Unit 4 Produce final craft work

  • Prepare and produce final craft items following health and safety procedures and evaluating their outcome and technical skills.


The course is assessed through:

  • internal assessment which will include a portfolio of evidence involving written and practical work. This will be graded by centre staff and externally moderated by NCFE.
  • external assessment – external assessment paper of a timed two hour period. This will be graded by NCFE.
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