Computing and ICT

ICT is a subject area which exhibits perpetual change, therefore our aim is to encourage all students to develop transferable ICT skills relevant to their future lives and careers.

There are three ICT rooms with most ICT classes taught in the modern, spacious 34-PC suite in the main school building. The remaining lessons are taught in one of two smaller cross-curricular suites elsewhere on the site.

The department offers extra-curricular lunchtime support sessions for GCSE (subject to staffing) and a computer club for Years 7-9 focusing on topics including podcasting, game and graphic design.


Key Stage 3

At KS3 pupils study ICT for two lessons per fortnight, concentrating on developing their skills utilising office and business communication software (email, spreadsheets, databases and presentation). Students are also given the opportunity to develop technical skills in game, web and graphic design, animation, audio and video editing. Extensive reference is made to the legal issues surrounding ICT, including e-safety, copyright, and data protection.


Key Stage 4

ICT is a popular option subject at Key Stage 4. GCSE students follow the Edexcel 2010 specification – this is a new course designed to meet the needs of tomorrow’s workforce across all industries, developing transferable skills to enable pupils to become ‘savvy’ ICT users. Gifted & Talented pupils can opt to work towards a Double Award GCSE. Pupils who wish to pursue a vocational options route can choose the OCR National Level 2 Double Award or Functional Skills Certificate courses.

Year 11 subject revision checklist


Curriculum Overview

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Homework in Years 7 and 8 will be based upon the topics studied in the new Computing curriculum. Years 9, 10 and 11 follow the topics studied for GCSE ICT.

The Computing department sets homework in accordance with the school’s homework policy: a minimum of two pieces of homework per half term at Key Stage 3 and a minimum of one piece of homework per fortnight at Key Stage 4.

Key Stage 3 students are required to complete one revision task each half term (selecting from a range of topics) and one question based task which will follow on from the revision task. Students are encouraged to complete the question task using the Socrative Student website or App, which allows them to answer and receive feedback whilst working on a variety of devices, e.g internet enabled tablet, mobile phone or computer.

Tasks are designed to recap or consolidate class learning as well as allowing students the opportunity to extend their learning and to prepare for future lessons.

The computer rooms can be used at lunchtime to complete any homework task.

Key Stage 4 homework is designed to support the theory aspects of the course. Students will be given revision and research activities to complete, (either paper based or online). Throughout the course they will also apply their knowledge and understanding in exam questions and past papers. These are designed to ensure students are completely prepared for the external exams in Year 11.

There will be the occasional need for students to prepare for coursework units, these tasks will generally be research based.

Homework is marked in line with the school’s homework and assessment policies.

Please refer to the school’s homework policy for how missing homework is followed up.


Read about ICT and Computing

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