The GCSE Art and Design course is assessed in two ways:

Coursework – 60%
Terminal Examination over two days in the art rooms – 40%

Over the two-year course pupils will experience an exciting, diverse range of art activities in a variety of areas including: ceramics, fine art, print-making, sculpture, graphics. Pupils will be expected to produce two major pieces of work which are supported by sketch books which document the processes of recording, designing, experimentation, research and investigation.

This is a demanding course which requires pupils to work with independence and to be committed to developing their technical and creative skills. During the course we seek to extend the pupils’ artistic experiences with visits to art and craft exhibitions, visits to artists’ studios or work with an artist in residence in the department. In Year 10 pupils complete a foundation course in all the main areas of study so that in Year 11 they can develop specific areas of interest building upon their individual strengths.


Curriculum Overview

Year 11 subject revision checklist

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Homework in Art

In Key Stage 3 students will be set at least one hour of homework in Art per half term. This will comprise one
formal Set Task which directly relates to the current unit of work, and at least one Enrichment Task (which could include further listening/reading/viewing, further research, choices from a homework menu, or participation in extra-curricular activities).

In Key Stage 4, students will be set at least one piece of homework per fortnight. This is likely to include artist research, initial sketches, experimentation, portfolio completion, revision activities, written reflections, evaluative commentaries and practice essays. In addition to formally set homework, all GCSE students in Art are expected to spend a minimum of one hour per week developing their practical skills through practical art work.

In line with the school’s homework policy, formal Set Tasks will be marked and feedback given as appropriate (where the homework forms part of an ongoing project, this may be given as part of the whole project feedback). Enrichment Tasks will be monitored and acknowledged, with feedback given where relevant.

Missing homework will be followed up in line with the whole school homework policy.


Read about Art

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