⇒ How do I apply for a place at OBHS for my child?

Click here to view our OBHS Admissions Policy…


⇒ Where can I find out about Year 6 transition/open days?

We organise many transition events which our feeder primary schools will advise you of. Each September we hold our annual Open Evening and in the summer term all year 6 pupils who are moving up to our school and their parents/carers are invited to the Transition Evening. This evening is designed to introduce pupils and their parents/carers to the child’s form tutor and is a chance to purchase uniform. During the same week all pupils are brought along for two days to experience life at OBHS in a normal working environment. They spend the day with their form being shown around the school and are informed about what to expect in their first few weeks here.

When students start in Year 7 they spend the first half-term with the same students in each lesson. After half-term the teachers have had a chance to assess them and they are set with students to ensure they can achieve their best potential.


⇒ I have a concern about my child, who do I contact? (bullying, attendance, uniform, FSM etc)

We recommend that you contact your child’s form tutor in the first instance. If this is not possible then you will be advised of the best person to speak to when you contact reception. We log all calls and you should be assured that you will receive an initial response within one working day of your call.


⇒ If I have a complaint about the school, who do I contact?

Click here to view our OBHS Complaints Policy…


⇒ Who do I contact regarding school transport?

Norfolk County Council organises the buses and bus passes for the school, however, if you would like information about the Thetford or Great Hockham bus please contact our reception.


⇒ How does the school communicate with parents?

We recognise that good communication is of the utmost importance. Depending on the nature of the correspondence we will either send letters home with students, post letters home, email letters, send text alerts, and/or telephone parents/carers. Please ensure you keep us updated with your current home address and email address, and home, work and mobile telephone numbers.


⇒ How do I find out what extra-curricular clubs/activities are taking place?

We usually update our activities timetable every term. The most up to date timetable is printed on our weekly bulletin (click on the link from the Home Page). The bulletin also gives details of fixtures and extra events and activities.


⇒ When do parents evenings take place?

Parents evenings take place once a year for each year group. Please see the calendar for the dates for the current year.


⇒ When will I receive information about my child’s academic progress in school?

All parents and carers will have access to Go4Schools, an online system that allows you to see the most up to date information about your child’s attainment, progress, behaviour and attendance. Reports are also made available through this system at various times during the year.


⇒ What is the format for the school day at OBHS?

8.50-9.10am Tutor Time and Assembly

9.10-10.10am Period one

10.10-11.10am Period two

11.10-11.30am Break time

11.30-12.30pm Period three

12.30-1.30pm Period four

1.30-2.05pm Lunch time

2.05-2.10pm Travel Time

2.10-3.15pm Period five (including PM registration)


⇒ How can I find out about the curriculum my child studies at OBHS?

Please visit the subject pages by clicking on the ‘Curriculum‘ link. If you would like more information about any aspect of the curriculum, please contact the relevant teachers (visit the ‘Staff Directory‘ for staff contact information).


⇒ Where can I find out the school term dates?

Click here for a link to Norfolk County Council’s school term dates calendar…


⇒ How do I access my child’s examination timetable?

Each child is given a copy of their individual timetable and copies of the full timetable are posted on the website (visit Exams and GCSEs page…). If you require another copy of an individual timetable then please contact the Examination Officer at the school.


⇒ How does the school ensure students stay safe online?

Students learn about various aspects of e-Safety in many of their lessons and through special assemblies. Click here to view our E-Safety Policy…


⇒ My child is entitled to Pupil Premium funding, what does this mean?

Old Buckenham High School receives funding from the government to raise the attainment of disadvantaged students. Please see our ‘Pupil Premium‘ page to find out what these funds have been used for.


⇒ How do students receive careers information, advice and guidance at OBHS?

Please see our ‘Further Education‘ and ‘Careers Advice‘ pages for more information. We hold an annual Careers Fair and each student has an interview with a professional careers advisor. In addition we ask businesses, colleges and universities to give talks to our older year groups. If you have any specific questions, please contact Mrs Taylor.

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