Students & Parents share their thoughts

"I have been so impressed by the continued pastoral support (especially from Mrs Wabe) during this time. It has helped to make our lives as key workers much easier knowing the girls are being supported so well by the school. The support from all teachers when there have been issues has been great and they are keen to help in any way they can. Thank you so much OBHS for making what is a very stressful time much less stressful."

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"Giving times for the children to have to be online by in order to attend registration/lessons is working much better for my child. The structure is so much better and he is getting work done as well as having teachers on hand. I know that last year he was very reluctant to email a teacher with any questions/queries. This is working much better for us."

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"Our daughter much prefers the virtual timetable with live lessons - having the structured start and end time with teacher contact is proving really effective for her. It also works much better for us as parents, we can fit our working from home schedules much more easily around a steady school routine. I'd really like to call out just how impressed I've been with the professionalism and competence of all of the teachers, who seem to have adapted with ease and good humour to what must be an incredibly challenging way of working. Your hard work in setting up this approach to home schooling is making our lockdown lives this time round so much easier and we're so grateful!"

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"Whilst proud of our son during the last lockdown/round of home learning, keeping up to date and completing and submitting everything on time, I think he is personally finding the approach this time, with live lessons, more engaging/less isolating and overall less stressful, which has to be good. We are both key workers so ensuring he stays on track and personally motivated during the day with our support later is crucial. We do however appreciate the impact on staff and are extremely grateful for their hard work and support. Thank you."

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"I have been very impressed with the way that Old Buckenham High have supported my children through the COVID pandemic. I am hugely appreciative of all the hard work of all the staff. The live lessons have been invaluable in giving my children structure to their day and have enabled any queries to be dealt with quickly and effectively. I am a key worker so am not able to support my children during the day, knowing that they are engaged and as happy as they can be during this time is invaluable to us as a family. Many Thanks."

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"I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done during this lock down. It couldn't have been easy, but these 4 months have went incredibly smoothly given the circumstances of covid. I also wanted to say thank you for taking the time to reply to all of the emails us students have sent when we are unsure and giving feedback to all of the work we have sent in. I have sent this to multiple teachers, so that is the reason of the varying pronouns! All in all, I hope you have a lovely Holiday and thank you again!"

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"I appreciate it has also been hard for teachers working from home (possibly with their own children to care for to?) and in my opinion they got the balance of work and expectations spot on this term."

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"Just wanted to let you know how grateful we are in organising year 10 return .
The whole time at school yesterday was useful & organised very well adhering to strict guidelines which put both of our minds at ease. Now my daughter knows what to expect & feels safe.

Thank you, may it continue."

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"We know that you may have heard it a few times from parents, but both of us really wanted to express to you and the team that the stream of information from the school has been excellent. We have all felt really supported and an important part of a school community. The online assemblies, twitter feed, staff emails, student recognition and the clear plans for a re-opening have been so reassuring and surely will impact on attitudes from students and parents when we eventually return. It is particularly reassuring to be included in information even if it does not specifically affect our child's year group.

Thank you all very much, we really appreciate it and it has definitely served towards keeping motivation levels up."

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"I would like to express my complete confidence in the way that the school is handling this pandemic. The quality of the distance learning set has been excellent and the monitoring first class. It is also very reassuring to see that after half-term you are approaching things in a very measured and intelligent way that is clearly taking account of the science! When my son who is in Year 7 does return to school in whatever shape that takes I will feel that he is in very safe hands."

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"I just wanted to Thank You ever so much for the work you and all the teachers are putting in, the school has been very helpful and quick in supporting us. I have been amazed (but not surprised!) by the effort put in by all the teachers in making and marking our work, despite how busy they are. I have been receiving responses very promptly and they are really nice and helpful. Everything is very clear and well planned, the assemblies you are doing are very nice and comforting in, as you say 'strange times' and it is nice to get assurance that the school are behind us and that when we do get back, everyone will help us to catch up. My mum and dad deeply appreciate the correspondence between home and school, and it has been so nice to hear about everything. An example of the kindness and help the school has given me, is that the school supplied us with computers for home, which I really appreciate because it makes my work a lot easier. It was a great relief when my mum told me that we could go and get a computer, and I must say, very promptly and safely. I have been really enjoying the class calls on teams, it's nice to see all the teachers and all my friends and cover the work we are doing. I always look forward to our calls and I am never disappointed by seeing everyone. I am not one to compare, however, I have heard about other schools and what they are doing during this strange time, and I feel ever so lucky and proud to be part of Old Buckenham High School, now more than ever!

Its strange to think that the next time I might step into school, I will be 14, it puts me on edge, but I am happy enough and delighted every time I wake up and know I have school work to do, and it's one day closer until we go back. I am sure you would agree that the world is a much better place with school, and to be part of this school in this queer time, why Thank You.

It is hard to get emotion into an email, but I cant stress enough how much I appreciate everything the school is doing. Everyone deserves a massive THANK YOU!"

Once again Thank you,
And Best wishes,
Bethany W, 8B.

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"As a parent I have been very impressed with the communication received from Old Buckenham High School. It has been informative and timely. The communication from teaching staff to my children has also been excellent, they both feel supported and are clear that they can contact subject teachers for guidance if required. The lessons set have been a great combination of academic but where possible, fun. I have only had to contact the school for one query and this was handled quickly and effectively. Thank you for all your hard work during this time."

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"We didn't have a laptop but thanks to obhs and your quick initiative she now has one to use. Communication from teaching and support staff has been wonderful and very much appreciated. Well done OBHS."

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"I’ve been very impressed with the contact from the school. You’ve kept regular contact with parents and pupils and I’ve felt informed at all times. Thank you."

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