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"I just wanted to Thank You ever so much for the work you and all the teachers are putting in, the school has been very helpful and quick in supporting us. I have been amazed (but not surprised!) by the effort put in by all the teachers in making and marking our work, despite how busy they are. I have been receiving responses very promptly and they are really nice and helpful. Everything is very clear and well planned, the assemblies you are doing are very nice and comforting in, as you say 'strange times' and it is nice to get assurance that the school are behind us and that when we do get back, everyone will help us to catch up. My mum and dad deeply appreciate the correspondence between home and school, and it has been so nice to hear about everything. An example of the kindness and help the school has given me, is that the school supplied us with computers for home, which I really appreciate because it makes my work a lot easier. It was a great relief when my mum told me that we could go and get a computer, and I must say, very promptly and safely. I have been really enjoying the class calls on teams, it's nice to see all the teachers and all my friends and cover the work we are doing. I always look forward to our calls and I am never disappointed by seeing everyone. I am not one to compare, however, I have heard about other schools and what they are doing during this strange time, and I feel ever so lucky and proud to be part of Old Buckenham High School, now more than ever!

Its strange to think that the next time I might step into school, I will be 14, it puts me on edge, but I am happy enough and delighted every time I wake up and know I have school work to do, and it's one day closer until we go back. I am sure you would agree that the world is a much better place with school, and to be part of this school in this queer time, why Thank You.

It is hard to get emotion into an email, but I cant stress enough how much I appreciate everything the school is doing. Everyone deserves a massive THANK YOU!"

Once again Thank you,
And Best wishes,
Bethany Wilson, 8B.

"As a parent I have been very impressed with the communication received from Old Buckenham High School. It has been informative and timely. The communication from teaching staff to my children has also been excellent, they both feel supported and are clear that they can contact subject teachers for guidance if required. The lessons set have been a great combination of academic but where possible, fun. I have only had to contact the school for one query and this was handled quickly and effectively. Thank you for all your hard work during this time."


"We didn't have a laptop but thanks to obhs and your quick initiative she now has one to use. Communication from teaching and support staff has been wonderful and very much appreciated. Well done OBHS."


"I’ve been very impressed with the contact from the school. You’ve kept regular contact with parents and pupils and I’ve felt informed at all times. Thank you."

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