Year 9 Options 2022-2024

At Old Buckenham High School students make decision about KS4 courses in year 9. The year 9 options timetable this year is shown below.




Tuesday January 11th

Year 9 Progress Evening (On-line)

This evening allows you to discuss with subject teachers your child’s progress, attitude and quality of work. You will also have the opportunity to discuss suitability for the courses that are being offered in Year 10.

Monday January 24th

Subject Information Page Launch

(OBHS website)

As parents and carers, you will have access to a full suite of subject information pages and presentations with teacher video/audio. All of the information will be available on the website so you can revisit throughout the process: a link will be sent to all parents and carers.

Monday January 24th to Friday January 28th

Subject Assemblies

(Presentations during ILT)

Students will watch the subject presentations and be given a booklet of all of the subject information pages during ILT sessions this week. They will be asked to consider their post-16 aspirations and which courses might best suit their goals.

Friday January 28th

Straw Poll Survey

A survey will be sent out to you via Microsoft Forms. It will list the KS4 courses that we are able to offer. This poll is an essential part of the process, as we streamline the offer each year based on student demand. It is essential that every student returns their straw poll as the popularity of a course will determine which ones run the following September.

Monday 2nd February

Deadline for return of Straw Poll survey via Microsoft Forms

If you are unable to complete the on-line form, please contact the school at your earliest convenience to request a paper copy of the form to be sent to you or given to your child.

Monday 21st February

The Options Preference Process

(Year 9 Assembly)

This is the launch of the formal options preference process. Students will be given their preferences form which contains the list of KS4 courses we will be running in September 2022 (based on the straw poll). Parents will receive a letter regarding the process and timeframe.

Tuesday 22nd February

Year 9 Information and Guidance (IAG) Evening


This evening is an opportunity to book an appointment with a member of the Leadership, Pastoral or SEND team to discuss your child and their potential options if you have any further queries that the process and information available have not answered.

Monday 28th February

Deadline for Options Preference Forms being returned

If there are any concerns, please contact the school at your earliest convenience. It is important to note that the selection of a course does not guarantee a place.

Monday 25th April to Friday 29th April

Subject Interviews

Students will attend a meeting with a senior staff member if there is a further conversation needed regarding their preferences. For a very small number of students, it may be that the options they have chosen clash and we need to guide them through the courses available to them.

Thursday 12th May

Options Allocation

Options will be allocated to students. Students will receive notification of which courses that they have been allocated.

Letter to parents and carers re options process

How options work at OBHS

All students will study English, Maths, Science, core PE, Personal Development and one humanity, either History or Geography and a modern foreign language. The table shows the current Year 10 curriculum, with the number of hours per fortnight spent studying each subject.










Option 1

Option 2










There will be an Information and Guidance Evening on the 3rd February 2022, where you will be able to make appointments on the School Cloud virtual system if you would like to discuss any queries. Appointments will be available with the Senior Leadership team, Progress Leader (Mr Cowan), SENDCo (Ms Boothe) and Miss Picksley. You will be able to select the person best placed to speak to with regards to your query.



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