Year 8 Language & Design Technology

Year 8 curriculum personalisation

Towards the end of year 8 students are asked to think about their studies in Modern Foreign Languages and Design Technology and to choose some of their experiences in year 9. These choices do not bind a student to a particular pathway but allow students to experience lessons and gain skills in subjects they may want to consider as options at the end of year 9.

Languages in Year 9

During years 7 and 8 all students study two languages, French and German. We believe that broadening the experience of students to include other languages gives students a fantastic foundation for future choices. Towards the end of year 8, students are asked which language they would prefer to study in year 9. It is this language that they will continue to study into KS4. If students wish to continue studying both languages, they can opt to do so during the year 9 options process.

Design & Technology in year 9

In year 8 students are given the opportunity to specialise in the areas of Design & Technology that they find most interesting.

During years 7 and 8, students study Food and Nutrition and Product Design, keeping the same teacher across both subjects. They learn to design and make using wood, metal, plastic and textiles as well as develop their drawing skills by hand and using CAD software. They also get to design and make using the laser cutter. In Food and Nutrition lessons they learn to cook a range of healthy dishes, explore healthy eating and complete food science experiments to understand why food cooks.

The process is simple; towards the end of year 8, students will be asked to rank order these three options:

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Students are guaranteed to get their number 1 choice and the vast majority of students, also their second.



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