Information & Guidance Evening 10th February 2021
Headteacher Address - How to choose your option subjects


On the 10th February 2021 OBHS is holding its Information and Guidance Evening for year 9 students choosing their option subjects. The video above outlines the options available and provides an insight into how and why we are offering the subjects in this school. It is important that you look through the subject videos below to determine which qualifications you are interested in opting for so that you take the first positive steps towards post 16 education.

On the 10th February you will have the opportunity to ask subject leaders in depth questions about the courses they run. They will not be able to recommend if a student should take a course as we believe all courses should be open to all students. Appointments for the virtual information and guidance evening can be made through the school cloud website.

Additional guidance around post 16 qualifications will be on offer through our career guidance service offered by Mrs Ellen Alexander. Appointments can also be made with Ms Jo Evans for SEND assistance and with Mr Steve Cowan for pastoral advice.

Click here for the link to Subject Videos


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