Year 9 Options

At Old Buckenham High School students make decision about KS4 courses in year 9. The year 9 options timetable this year is shown below.




January 18th

Straw Poll Survey

This is sent to you via Microsoft Forms. It will list the core and non-core courses that we offer. This poll will enable the school to formalise the courses that will run in September. It is important to note that some subjects may not run and that the survey is for planning purposes.

January 21st

On-line Year 9 Progress Evening


You will be able to discuss with subject teachers how the year has gone so far.  You will get the opportunity to discuss Options at the IAG evening in February.

January 29th

Deadline for return of Straw Poll survey via Microsoft Forms.

Return date:   If you are unable to complete the on-line form please contact the school at your earliest convenience. 

February 10th

On-line Information and advice guidance (IAG) evening


This is the evening where you will get the opportunity to discuss with Curriculum and Subject Leaders the courses in preparation for filling out the forthcoming preference forms. The event will be an on-line event with a live presentation and bookable slots for meetings.

Our Careers Advisor, Ellen Alexander and our SENDCO, Jo Evans, will also be available for advice.

February 8th -12th

Subject assemblies


Students will be shown more detail about options and asked to think about what they might want to study in context of their aspiration post 16.

February 22nd

Publication of the preference form via Microsoft Forms

Students will be informed of what they need to do and given advice and guidance on how to complete forms by their tutor.

March 1st

Deadline for return of the preference form

If parents are unable to complete an on-line form please contact the school at your earliest convenience. It is important to note that the selection of a course does not guarantee a place.

March 15th -19th

Subject Interviews

Students will attend an interview with a senior staff member to go over their options preference form. This enables us to make sure that students are well suited to the options they have indicated.

April 30th

Options published

Options will be allocated to students. Students will receive notification of which courses they have been allocated. 












































Letter to parent and carers re options process

Letter to parents and carers re straw poll outcome 5.2.2021

How options work at OBHS

All students will study English, Maths, Science, core PE, Personal Development and one humanity, either History or Geography and a modern foreign language. The table shows the current Year 10 curriculum, with the number of hours per fortnight spent studying each subject.






History/ Geography

MFL / other

Option 1

Option 2










How do know what to choose?

Students should spend time thinking and talking to their family about which subjects are the best choices for them. Students should choose subjects that they enjoy, believe they can succeed in, and should think about whether a subject is important for their future.

There will be an Information and Guidance Evening on the 10th February 2021 where you will be able to make appointments on the School Cloud virtual system if you would like to discuss queries with curriculum and subject leaders. Please make an appointment with subject leaders on the information evening rather than reaching out via email in the first instance.

Please use the list of option subject leaders below to make appointments on the 10th February. 

Options subject

Subject leader



Mrs J Woods

Product Design

Mrs J Woods


Miss E Balmer

Enterprise & Marketing

Mrs M Wright

Food & Nutrition

MS C Read


Mrs G Barratt

Further Maths

Mr D Foreman


Mrs S Allen


Mrs G Barratt


Miss P Dawson

Health & Social Care

Mrs R Taylor


Mr P Jay

Religious Studies

Mrs R Taylor

Sports & PE

Mr E Taylor

Ms J Cook


Mr S Cowan

More information about option subjects

Information and presentations about individual subjects will follow.  Please click on the link below to view the proposed qualifications on offer.

Proposed Qualifications on Offer

Be the best we can be