Library and Reading

Our Library is set in the heart of the school and is much loved and used by all who attend.

KS3 students have one English lesson in the Library each fortnight, which is dedicated to reading for pleasure. The Library is open between 8.10am and 3.30pm every day and all students are welcome to visit the library at break and lunchtimes as well.

The Library houses an excellent selection of fiction and non-fiction books, DVDs, audio books, newspapers and magazines, laptops and tablet devices – all of which can be used during lessons and at social times.


Lunchtime Clubs and Activities

Recently, students have been asking to set up clubs and the library is the perfect venue for this. At the moment we have a very popular Harry Potter Club, organised by some enthusiastic Year 8s, and a Yu-Gi-Oh! Club.

Author Visits

We have been very lucky to host visits by a number of top-selling children and teenage fiction authors. These have included:

2017 – Matt Dickinson Discussing ‘The Everest Files’ and ‘Lie, Kill, Walk Away’

2016 – Alex Scarrow Launch of ‘Remade’

2014 – Sarah Crossan Discussing her Carnegie Award shortlisted book ‘Weight of Water’

2014 – Alex Scarrow Launch of the final ‘Timeriders’ book

2012 – Darren Shan Launch of the ‘Zom-B’ series


Carnegie Book Awards Shadowing Group

Every year we shadow the Carnegie Book Awards. Students and staff read a selection of the long-listed titles from February and then read many or all of the short-listed titles from March to June. Those who have committed to reading the books are invited to a ‘Quiz and Cake Party’ on the day the national winner is announced in June.


Subject Reading Lists…

These are designed to extend students’ reading of various topics they may be learning in their lessons.

Art reading list
Biology reading list
Chemistry reading list
Citizenship reading list
English reading list
Geography reading list
History reading list
ICT reading list
Maths reading list
MFL reading list
PE reading list
Physics reading list
RS reading list
Technology reading list


Year Group Reading Lists…

These are designed to support the Reading Star Awards.

KS3 Book List
KS4 Book List


Reading Star Awards

The aim of these awards is to encourage a life-long love of reading by reading a selection of books each year, including 10 from the Year Group Reading Lists. Students record all the books they have read in their planners and this is then verified by their parents, carers or members of staff. Once achieved, students receive a certificate and lapel badge presented in a special assembly. If students manage to read twice the required number of books within one academic year they are awarded a distinction.

  • Bronze Award – start in the summer holidays before year 7 – read 25 books
  • Silver Award – start in year 8 after Bronze has been completed – read 30 books
  • Gold Award – start in year 9 after Silver has been completed – read 40 books
  • Platinum Award – start in year 10 after Gold has been completed – read 50 books over 2 years

Students are introduced to this award in their first Library lesson – their progress is closely monitored during subsequent lessons.


Paired Reading

We have many strategies to help students who are less confident at reading, Paired Reading being one of them. Sessions are held every Friday in the library during afternoon tutor time. We ask for volunteers from Year 10 to help younger students to access and enjoy books; helping to choose suitable titles, assessing their reading skills, flagging up any areas to work on, encouraging students to read in their own time. The volunteers receive training and after they have shown they are able to fulfil the role they become Literacy Assistants.

These sessions are invaluable as they not only achieve great results, allowing younger readers to become more confident in their abilities but they also give older students a level of responsibility they may not previously have been offered. In many cases students who have been mentored in this way when they were younger become mentors themselves.

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