Friends of OBHS

How we’ve helped the school

Here are the items we’ve purchased for the school in the last year – all thanks to your generosity!

  • £250 for a sound mixing desk for the hall (April 2016)
  • £250 towards a special treat for the Year 11 Prom (April 2016)
  • £96 for a set of desktop mounted whiteboards (April 2016)
  • £240 for foul handball goalposts (April 2016)
  • £115 for a set of KAPLA wooden design blocks (April 2016)
  • £90 for six benches to create an outdoor classroom for whole school (March 2016)
  • £150 for a display cabinet for Design and Technology (March 2016)
  • £120 for a drill for Design and Technology (March 2016)
  • £450 for high interest/low ability books for SEN intervention (February 2016)
  • £160 for interactive website subscriptions for History (February 2016)

We are always happy to see new faces – even if you can only help out for one event during the year!

Our members are:

  • Gillian Dale (Parent/Chair of committee)
  • Clare Lamberti (Parent/Treasurer of committee)
  • Sharon Ford (Parent/Vice-Chair)
  • Pip Hoddy-Brown (Parent)
  • Lisa Groom (Parent)
  • Jakki Cunningham (Parent)
  • Yvonne Davey (Parent)
  • Shirley Abbot (Parent)

If you would like to contact The Friends, please use the following email address:

Achieving Excellence Together...
01953 860233